Video Over Power  VP -3000X   Tx and Rx
  • Video transmission by Frequency Modulation over DC Power in Vehicle
  • User don’t need to install one more video cable from camera to display monitor. Shorten the installation effort and time; economize the use of the video cable material.
  • Video quality is good, almost no loss which compared with original camera video output.
  • Video signal is more stable than 2.4G wireless video transmission, because no RF interference.
  • Many Rx modules to one Tx module. Every Rx module will receive the same quality video.
  • Suitable for all vehicles which used 24V DC or 12V DC.
  • Module support one 12V output for power supply to reverse camera. User doesn’t need to buy the 24V special used camera.
  • Waterproof and anti-vibration for this product.
Connecter Description
1. Blue / Black doubling wire (30 cm)--- DC 12V (200mA) output to Reverse camera.
2. Red / Black doubling wire (30 cm)---- DC 24V power input.
3. Yellow RCA Jack Male on wire
(30 cm)-------------------------------------------
Video Input (From reverse camera or any video output device).
1. Green wire (30 cm)------------------------ trigger wire to notify monitor(output
DC12V after detect video received from TX).
2. Red / Black doubling wire (30 cm)---- DC 24V power input.
3. Yellow RCA Jack Female on wire
(30 cm)-------------------------------------------
Video output to Monitor.
Video Input System 1CH CVBS, NTSC / PAL / SECAM Video Output System 1CH CVBS, NTSC / PAL / SECAM
Video Transmission Distance No loss within 100 meters, Maximum 200 meters    
Video Input Connector 1.0V±20m Vp-p, 75 Ohm Video Output Connector 1.0V±20m Vp-p, 75 Ohm
Power Input Voltage DC 24V(9V ~ 36V) Power Consumption Maximum 3.7W (DC 24V)
TX: 60mA
RX: 50mA
Working Temperature -30°C to +80°C Storage Temperature -40°C to +150°C

Include screw holder: 60X62X25
Exclude screw holder: 60X48X25

Weight(g) 181.5( TX + RX module)

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