Model: PKE1000
  Main Features
     When system detect the handset within the range around 1M
  • Anti hijack
     System will search the handset when car is in the status of ignition on and door open
     When system detect there is no handset presented and ignition off
  • Immobilizer
  • Built in starter killer and fuel killer/2 nd output
  • External sensor available
  • The standby power consumption of handset is only 4µA, battery life is near one year.
  • The system power consumption of ARM mode is lower than 10mA.
  • Push start system available
    • The first DVR for practical vehicle application. Record the driving accident, thief and passenger management. External camera input and monitor display.
    • User can free to use any device according to his requirement.
    • Record four channel camera input at the same time.
    • Record inside camera 10 to 40 seconds (selection by user) after ignition on for car driver and passenger record.
    • Car inside security during ignition off. Record inside camera video immediately after dome open. And record more 10 seconds to 3 minutes (selection by user) after dome close.
    • Add hardware Video Buffer for Reverse camera to avoid the video level insufficient if installer split the reverse camera video to our DVR box and original DVD two-din main box
    • Using standard SD card to record for car shockproof and cheap cost.
    • Easy OSD operation to setup system date/time and video system.
    • Using MPEG4 hardware compression method to reduce video record size.

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